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    Going Through Recovery With Your Partner

    We believe in taking a positive approach to recovery by helping couples learn new coping skills and build healthy relationships. Through our specialized programs, we provide the support and guidance needed to develop the foundation for a successful recovery. Our team of compassionate professionals are committed to helping couples heal from addiction and create a better future.

    We offer personalized care to meet each couple’s individual needs. We understand that every relationship is different, so we take the time to get to know our clients and develop plans tailored to their unique situation. We are committed to helping couples take the steps needed for long-term recovery and a healthier life together. With our support, you can start rebuilding your relationship today.

    What To Expect With Couples Recovery

    Going through recovery as a couple can be an incredibly difficult but a life changing process. It requires both parties to commit to making changes in order to address issues that have deeply impacted their relationship and possibly contributing to substance abuse issues. It also requires patience, understanding, and trust as both individuals learn to cope with the challenges of addiction and life in recovery.

    Recovery as a couple can be a great way to rebuild trust and foster connection. Working through the issues that have caused hurt, pain, or feelings of insecurity can bring couples closer together and help them to build healthier relationships for the future. New Perspective Recovery helps couples focus on rebuilding communication skills and learning how to better express their needs without causing hurt. We work on teaching couples how to developing better boundaries so that all involved parties feel safe and respected.

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