Medically Supervised Detox

Individuals who seek addiction treatment or therapy are recommended to first undergo a detox program that frees them from physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, preparing them for further rehabilitation. These programs may last weeks and utilize a variety of methods such as medication, counseling, and behavioral therapies, among others, to help patients overcome their cravings and withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of medical and psychological experts. New Perspective Recovery offers a comprehensive and unique detox program that provides personalized care for each individual. The program is designed to help individuals achieve a safe, comfortable and successful withdrawal from substance abuse. 

At New Perspective Recovery, the program starts with a comprehensive assessment of clients’ medical, psychological and social history. This helps the team better understand their needs and create an individualized treatment plan to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during detoxification. 

The detoxification process includes 24/7 medical supervision, medications to counteract withdrawal symptoms, and nutritional support to ensure that clients stay healthy while they withdraw from substances in their body. As well as this, New Perspective Recovery also incorporates counseling services such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into the detox process in order to help individuals understand the underlying causes of their addiction and provide them with tools to begin the journey of recovery. 

What makes New Perspective Recovery’s detox program unique is its holistic approach which emphasizes both physical and mental health care for individuals undergoing detoxification from substance abuse. By integrating traditional medicine with therapeutic interventions like CBT, New Perspective Recovery encourages individuals to gain knowledge about themselves and establish a foundation for long-term recovery success.

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What Is a Detox Program?

New Perspective Recovery, A licensed detox program provides supervised detox from drugs and alcohol. In a medical detox, clients undergo addiction withdrawal and are monitored by medical professionals. Detox can bring varying levels of discomfort and pain, which are managed by attending detox centers in California.  

Detox Should Be Done Professionally

Quitting drug and alcohol use through natural remedies or cold turkey approach may be tempting, but addiction is a disease that requires professional treatment. Detox can be a serious medical process and it’s important to follow the advice of trained professionals. It’s not a matter of willpower. Home detox can pose many dangers to individuals. It’s not recommended to attempt a detox at home without medical supervision.

Getting Detox in California

When looking for a detox center in California, it’s essential to verify certification and accreditation. Checking for the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission is a critical step. Ensure any substance abuse treatment program or detox center you’re considering has this accreditation.

If you’re unsure about what to seek in a California detox program, contact the expert team at New Perspective Recovery. We are here to assist you in getting started on the right track. Call us today!

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We Accept Health Insurance for Rehab or Behavioral Health Treatment

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