The story of New Perspective Recovery begins with addiction.

Our staff share that commonality – an addiction past, AND longevity in sobriety.  They share the belief that sobriety is a way of life. 

We share a knowledge of what the addiction recovery treatment experience is like. What’s good about it.  But more importantly, what ought to change…Our founders and senior staff have an average of 25 years of sobriety, and decades of experience helping others to achieve lasting sobriety.  Even if that experience means driving around town, in the middle of the night, looking for a Resident who has left treatment against clinical advice, and shepherding them back to treatment.  We have ALL done that, knowing it could be the difference between life and death.  And…we ALL have friends who died of an overdose…

What Makes New Perspective Recovery Different?

New Perspective Recovery is NOT a house – it is the hearts and souls of our Founders, Therapist, Case Manager and Care Coordinators. People who have CHOSEN to work HERE because they KNOW senior staff cares about their safety and welfare just as much as the safety and welfare of the Residents. When staff is supported by management, they have the ability to offer a deep level of care, concern, compassion, hope and joy to Residents. This was the goal of creating New Perspective Recovery. A detox addiction recovery treatment facility of uncommon quality in an industry overflowing with burnout and mediocrity.

Operating practices and techniques can be duplicated by other facilities, but they cannot duplicate the pride, enthusiasm, professionalism, expertise and total commitment of our staff. This is the margin of difference that gives our Residents an advantage we believe is not afforded by many other organizations in our business.

Please – come see for yourself just how different we are. 

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Licensing, Accreditation, Professional Affiliations

New Perspective Recovery is a certified and licensed residential treatment and outpatient program provider approved by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). They have a specialized dual diagnosis program for young adult men with co-occurring mild/moderate/severe mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

Verify Your Insurance With Us

New Perspective Recovery accepts most PPO insurance plans and is pleased to be an In Network provider with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross (accepting most BCBS Blue Card plans), First Health, Kaiser Permanente of Southern California, MHN, TriCare West and Quantum Health.


    Notice of Confidentiality

    Information regarding your healthcare, including payment for healthcare, is protected by two federal laws:  the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), 42 U.S.C. § 1320d et seq., 45 C.F.R. Parts 160 & 164, and the Confidentiality Law, 42 U.S.C. § 290dd-2, 42 C.F.R. Part 2.  Under these laws, we may not communicate to a person outside of the Program that you attend the Program, nor may we disclose any information identifying you as an alcohol or drug abuser, or disclose any other protected information except as permitted by law.  The law allows us to share information with your caregivers, your insurance companies, and financially responsible people.

    A statement explaining client’s personal rights and information about making complaints is attached in the Admissions Agreement.  Clients acknowledge that they have been personally advised of, and given at admission, a copy of this statement explaining personal rights and information about making complaints.

    As a participant in the Program, clients may become aware of protected health information relating to other participants in the Program, including, but not limited to, the fact that an individual is a participant of the Program.  Clients understand and acknowledge that protected health information about other participants is personal, and agree to maintain the confidentiality of any such information, whether written or oral, that you become aware of as a result of your participation in the Program.  Clients understand that violating this provision may result in your discharge and termination from the Program.