Drug rehab in Indiana is the single best solution for people suffering from drug addiction. Substance abuse is a problem that people have been struggling with for many years, and only recently did the scientific community discover a more efficient treatment. At the Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we use evidence-based research to deal with addiction.

Does drug rehab really work?

Generally, the more intensive the treatment, the higher the percentage of addicts who have successfully stopped using drugs. The same is true at our center, where we provide the basic inpatient program. The first stage of treating addiction is detox, where we take care of your drug dependency.

In this phase, we’ll cleanse your body of any remaining drugs in your system, and we eliminate the physical abnormalities related to drug intake. These are the withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, or even muscle pains. At the end of the detox process, you’ll no longer suffer from the withdrawal after-effects, and you’ll have made astounding progress. Then, we can begin dealing with the actual addiction, which is psychological.

Reliable treatment for addiction

One of the significant factors in determining people not to undergo drug treatment is personal incredulity. However, there’s an excellent reason why you should trust in our personalized treatment. The Joint Commission accredited it, and countless researchers confirmed its validity and reliability. This means they found factual evidence that the treatment works, and that it works on addicts.

We have managed to help thousands of people restart their lives, and the reason for this is simple – our individualized and personalized treatment plans. We follow a simple principle, namely that people behave and react differently to addiction. What works for some might not work for others. A “one size fits all” solution generally leads to addicts relapsing after a few drug-free months.

The efficiency of drug rehab

The scientific community has found out that the length of rehab is incredibly important when it comes to treating addiction. This means that you get to decide if you want to undergo our full treatment or a part of it. Complete it, and we guarantee you’ll no longer have drug-related problems.

By itself, the treatment has observable and testable effects that we’ve already noticed. After treating your dependency with detox, our drug rehab in Indiana will go to its next phase – medication against addiction, and therapy.

What are the chances of relapse?

Without professional help to prevent this, less than half of the ex-addicts end up relapsing after a year of sobriety. However, this doesn’t include the substantial help we provide at the drug rehab in Indiana. We teach you useful techniques and real-life skills to help you remain sober.

We’ll be as thorough as possible in treating your addiction and its psychological triggers. We deal with drug cravings and the compulsive drug consumption in this phase. In the end, after we finish the treatment, we’ll impart vital anti-relapsing information through therapy. The Indiana Inpatient Rehab does its best to help you achieve a drug-free life.

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